People will spend one-third of their life in bed!!! First, I tell you a terrible thing. Your bed is covered with mites.

The human body metabolizes about 250 milliliters of water (about 1 bottle of mineral water) every night, and 90% is absorbed by mattress. The human body metabolizes millions of dandruff cells every hour and accumulates a lot of dandruff in the mattress during sleep. Because mattresses are not like ordinary clothes which can be washed or exposed at any time, the mite cleaner is useful, long-term precipitation in the mattress moisture (sweat and other dirt), human skin, etc., will make the mattress mites and bacteria breeding hotbed, damage mattress sanitation, and service life. At the same time, its secretions and excretions are allergens, which can lead to allergic dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis, nephritis, allergic rhinitis, and other diseases, seriously endangering human health.

Anti-mite mattress cover can form a protective wall in the shape of the mattress, effectively isolate the mites from the outside world, keep the mattress bedding clean and sanitary, avoid mite allergies, but also create a healthy sleep space for people!

The waterproof and mite-proof bed cover is made of TPU regenerative waterproof film certified by the European Union. It is light in texture, flexible, hot-melt composite process, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, 100% waterproof and mite-proof. This polymer material is widely used in outdoor sportswear, medical accessories are a mature environmental protection material, known as the “human body’s second pore”.

Since this product is so good, there must be a lot of people wondering how it is waterproof and mite-proof.

At high power microscopy, TPU regenerated waterproof film has millions of nanopores, which are smaller than water molecules in diameter, but larger than gas molecules, so it can be waterproof while ensuring air permeability. The material is also smaller in diameter than mites, the size of dust, completely barrier dust mites and their secretions, excreta, and prevent the human body from producing dandruff sweat into the mattress. The mites inside the mattress have not been fed by dust, dandruff, and sweat for a long time. Tested by the state authorities, the product has a waterproof, antibacterial and anti mites rate of 99%. Washing for more than 300 times does not decay, and the antibacterial effect is lasting and effective. Usually in bed, not afraid of pets, baby urine, nor fear of head oil, sweat, drooling…

Waterproof mattress protector is suitable for crowds.

  1.  Infants and young children to use, to prevent children from bed wetting, vomiting milk, incontinence of the elderly
  2.  Female officers are used during the menstrual periods to prevent blood stains from matting.
  3.  The use of the hotel, the hotel beds need to face different customers, very easy to bring a variety of microbial bacteria, thus contaminating the mattress.
  4.  It is also used in homes that care for the sick and the elderly. In these cases, the body’s moisture and sweat, it is easy to make pillows or bedding very wet, unsanitary.
  5.  It is used in school dormitories and holiday homes. Where there is often a party, there is a greater chance of spilling liquid or food on pillows or bedclothes.
  6.  Use in hotels when traveling – to protect you from fleas, dust mites, or other microbes in dirty beds.
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