Suntrip takes you to know deeply the irreplaceable role of waterproof mattress protector.

1. What is a mattress protector?
The mattress protector, waterproof mattress encasement, and mattress ticking fabric are a type of bedding article that can be removed and placed on the outside of the mattress to protect the mattress. There are some special treated (such as adding antibacterial agents, anti-dust mite agents, and other auxiliaries) mattress protectors can also prevent allergy, prevent skin from being damaged by dust, mites, bed bugs, mold.
Although the surface of the mattress can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, it is very difficult to clean the stain on the mattress. The body fluids, dandruff excreted by the body throughout the night and other pollutants will pass through the sheets and bedding, and make the unprotected mattress yellow-brown marks, and these yellow-brown marks are breeding ground on the mattress. A hotbed for mites and bacteria. In addition, the mattress will also be polluted by all aspects of daily life, such as children’s saliva, urine, and coffee, tea, etc. that are accidentally spilled onto the mattress.

The simplest form of protecting a mattress is covered with a PVC coating. It provides a minimum barrier to liquid leakage and allergies to dust mites.
However, with the updating of technology and the demand of the more and more professional mattress protectors, in addition to the traditional airtight PVC coated protector, the newest cloth + waterproof and moisture permeable film (TPU environmentally friendly material) synthetic protective cover has emerged. They are more expensive than traditional protectors, but also more complete in function, and can be washed , reused and easier to clean and maintain.

2. The characteristics of the waterproof mattress protector and the applicable crowd
The waterproof mattress protector not only keeps the mattress clean but also absorbs human waste (such as sweat, urine, etc.) to make sure that these excretions don’t stay on the surface of the bedding, making people feel stuffy and uncomfortable during sleep at night. The mattress protector is made of cotton/terry cloth/velvet and moisture permeable TPU environmentally friendly film. That is to say, during sleep, the sleeping environment will not become hot because of one more layer of bedding. Neither affect the body temperature in sleep conditions nor let the body produce excess heat.

Mattress protector is often recommended to groups known to be allergic to certain types of things, especially those that are allergic to dust mites. Dust mites can cause irritation to the respiratory tract and lungs, in particular, it may cause an allergic reaction to a physiological system that is sensitive to children’s vulnerability. Such as asthma, can irritate skin conditions such as eczema. A zippered, full-protection mattress encasement provides an extra layer of protection for the mattress, and between you and your mattress, filters allergens that can cause allergies and asthma symptoms. The waterproof mattress protector also reduces the likelihood of allergic symptoms by reducing the ability of the bedbugs to grow in the mattress. The waterproof mattress protector can be easily cleaned and disinfected, so it is often used in children’s nurseries, as well as other health care places, such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc. In 2002 a Norwegian study found that the number of dust mites on a sponge mattress is 4 to 8 times that of a spring mattress. However, one third of the day is spent on the mattress, so it is important to use a waterproof mattress to protect the body from all aspects.

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