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I believe you have seen a lot of information about the Chinese coronavirus problem on social networks, which has really caused us a lot of trouble. During the Spring Festival, the government strongly recommends that we all stay at home to ensure safety, because when the infected person coughs or sneezes, the coronavirus is transmitted through droplets.

The measures of quarantine at home for 14 days were very effective, and the condition was quickly curbed. At present, except for the more serious impact in Wuhan, the impact on our province is not great. I believe that our great government will soon and completely defeat the epidemic.

After the Spring Festival holiday, we started to adopt the network office model. Later, our waterproof mattress cover factory became The first batch of resumed factory in Xiaoshan to resume production. With the permission and trust of the government, our factory will strictly manage the cleanliness of the factory and the health of our colleagues in order to start work reasonably. Our factory is disinfecting and sterilizing every day, and employees need the temperature to get to and from work. Employees in our workshop always wear masks and work clothes in accordance with quality inspection regulations. Cooperative freight forwarders will also resume work in accordance with government regulations. Therefore, I guarantee that our products are safe from production to delivery to customers and are not affected by a coronavirus.

We have returned and continue to produce waterproof mattress covers

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