Having introduced so many fabrics and products. Today I will introduce you to our packaging.

1.PVC Zipper Bag

Which has insert card and cardboard inside . Of course all the pictures and design information on the color card can be customized.If it is bought from us. We can authorize you to use our certificate and print our certificate on the insert card.

  1. Steel Rope Zipper Bag

Which can put some thick product like air lair fabric mattress protector or quilted mattress protector etc. It can be customized without cardboard and insert card.

  1. Vacuum Package

Which will save space and reduce shipping costs. To some of our product like pillow or Mattress pad mattress topper. We can make Vacuum Package.

We also have other packaging methods Such as opp bags cpe bags carton boxes. If you have your own packaging methods. You can also send us pictures.

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