Hello Guys, this is Suntrip Textile.
We are the mnufacturer and exporter in China specializing in bedding products and waterproof fabric.
👏👏In March, we have an activity for “1 dollar 1 polyfilling filler pillow”. Only charge it for 1 dollar can get a sample of our polyfilling pillow. You only need to pay 1 dollar and the shipping cost so that you can get our soft comfortable pillow.
 And we are the verfied supplier in Alibaba. Every week, we have the different activity for the March, welcome to visit our shop at: https://spring-laminated.en.alibaba.com.
For the coming of summer, we push some new items, such as our cooling summer quilts, our bamboo sheet set etc.. It’s time to buy something cool for the summer.
For this two items, it is cost effective and accept smaller order.
Video meeting can be made to show you more about our products and fctory.
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