Coral fleece is one of the latest and best-selling textile fabrics. It is characterized by soft feel, fine texture and environmental protection. Compared with other textiles, the advantages of coral fleece are particularly obvious: including soft, delicate, no hair loss and easy dyeing.So it is colorful and have kinds of colors for option. It is mainly […]

For whether the mattress needs a protective cover, you can think about your own mattress first. After buying and using the mattress for a period of time, do you notice that there are some stains on the surface? I think most of the answers are – Yes, with stains. The longer the mattress is used, […]

We all know that placing a topper on a sleeping system is common practice to enhance sleeping comfort. So today I recommend this ultra soft mattress topper to you. Our this kind of mattress topper ,compared with other ordinary mattress protector,it tends to have more poly filling and extra padding,which make sleeping more comfortable and […]

1. 100% WATERPROOF: 100% waterproof top surface repels all liquids including bodily fluids, perspiration, urine and accidental spills. Friendly to those family with pets, kids or elderly people, no worry of any accidents. Give perfect protection to your new mattress. 2. DEEP POCKET DESIGN: The skirt of waterproof mattress protector is usually made of rib […]

If you have the babies or pets in your home,you’d better press a mattress protector on your mattress. Otherwise you need to change your mattress very often for the stains.So how to avoid this? Today I want to recommend this kind of mattress protector to you-stain-release 3D air layer waterproof mattress protector. Features: 3D puffy […]

Tencel jersey top layer is Silky, soft as silk and naturally low allergen. The bottom layer is made from 100% waterproof, offers excellent mattress protection from liquids, dust mites, and common allergens while being incredibly cozy and quiet. Made with a TENCEL jersey fabric, the protector is luxuriously soft but thin enough to not change […]

People will spend one-third of their life in bed!!! First, I tell you a terrible thing. Your bed is covered with mites. The human body metabolizes about 250 milliliters of water (about 1 bottle of mineral water) every night, and 90% is absorbed by mattress. The human body metabolizes millions of dandruff cells every hour […]

Suntrip takes you to know deeply the irreplaceable role of waterproof mattress protector. 1. What is a mattress protector? The mattress protector, waterproof mattress encasement, and mattress ticking fabric are a type of bedding article that can be removed and placed on the outside of the mattress to protect the mattress. There are some special treated (such as […]