Guys, today I’m going to introduce you to our new product which called Double side Berber Fleece Blanket Bed Set.
We have prepared three models for you.
TWIN 180*250cm Blanket*1
50*70cm Pillowcase*1
Queen 230*250cm Blanket*1
50*70cm Pillowcase*2
King 260*250cm Blanket*1
50*70cm Pillowcase*2
The blanket is double sided, one side is 180gsm beige Berber Fleece, the other side is 75gsm blue brushed micropeach fabric, and the middle is filled with 60gsm filling. Then quilted the three layers of fabric together. At last add Piping on all sides.
The pillowcase Pillowcase is also a three-layer design. The first layer is 75gsm blue brushed micropeach fabric. The second layer is 60gsm filling. The third is also a layer of 75gsm blue brushed micropeach fabric.
This product has a novel and simple design. Suitable for a variety of decoration styles of the room. It is expected to become a hot-selling product in the future.
If you are interested in this product do not hesitate to contact us.
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