Live Show! Live Show! Live Show!

Again,here comes to our new live shows.

You will get THREE live shows in this week.The first one is  at 10:00 am Beijing time on November 18 and the second at 3:30 pm Beijing time at the same day.

The last live show in this week is at 10:30 am Beijing time on November 19.

In the live shows ,we will show you some new designs of our products,how to choose the best suitable mattress protector and how’s our company like!

So please hurry up and follow our live broadcast, click here you will find what you want.

You can set an alarm clock to watch our live broadcast on time. It doesn’t matter if you miss it for we have the replay. If you have any questions, plaese be free to  contact us. We are glad to answer your questions.

Wait for you coming!

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