The Copper fiber is a new fiber which widely applies in the textiles industry, including making mattress protector and bed sheets.


Resistex® Copper is a new generation of yarn developed by Tecnofilati’s after years of research. It is obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with a special filament of extra thin copper, polish or plain. This raw material is known for its electrical conductivity, heat regulation and antimicrobial effects properties.Thanks to fibers’ long durability even after numerous washes, copper is used in several fields.


Resistex® Copper has five basic properties:

  • Antistatic Property (no polish copper): it disperses electric charges accumulated from the external environment;
  • Metabolic Property: if absorbed by the skin copper supports human body growth and its wellness;
  • Antioxidant Property: it allows to fight free radicals that cause skin’s aging;
  • Transpirent Property: it speeds up the moisture transfer process;
  • Heat Regulating Property: keeps the temperature constant.

How Resistex® Copper works

Thanks to the innovative yarn based on copper filament, Tecnofilati is able to ensure human body’s wellness thanks to its main properties perfect for three main essential uses: 

  • biochemist use: it allows skin to absorb copper;
  • electromagnetic use: as a resonant frequency;
  • bioelectric use: regulating microorganism.

This is an important discovery based on the ancient Cupro Therapy, that shows how copper can be assimilated by the skin, not only by eating or drinking.

Cupro Therapy is the definition of copper therapeutic use. In 6.000 B.C., copper bracelets were suggested to improve health, in fact they were used by important characters like: Aristotle, Galen, Hippocrates and Avicenna.
A survey on 300 people suffering from arthritis, who wore copper bracelets, showed that a significant number of them has received benefits from the bracelet.
Other studies proved that the same bracelet would have lost 50 mg over a period of 50 days.

Resistex® Copper at home or in hospital field

Resistex® Copper fights against microbes that can cause damages to human body. It’s a strong antibacterial product that can eliminates a broad-spectrum microbes, like silver. That’s way it is called as bactericidal agent. 

This effect is possibile thanks to the positive action on the cell walls of the microorganisms and it is necessary to reduce smells from microbes’ smells.

Copper against aging

Copper is an ally against skin aging, for adults a daily copper amount is recommended. It can be found in the Super-oxide Dismutase enzyme. It explains why copper is a strong antioxidant that eliminates free radicals and aging.
An adult needs a daily intake of 0.9 mg of copper (as determined by the National Academy of Science, USA).
A daily intake of copper is therefore necessary to maintain a good balance, especially in normal conditions where the human body retains only 1% of the ingested copper.



Due to its electric conductivity, its heat regulating property and antibacterial effects Resistex® Copper is used in multiple ways that can give benefits to human body.
These features make Resistex® Copper appropriate for the realization of technical textiles that need particular per-formances.

Resistex® Copper is used for:

    • industrial textiles;
    • military clothing;
    • bed sheets;
    • heating textiles;
    • sportswear;
    • mattresses;
    • curtains;
    • socks.
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