Don’t know which waterproof mattress protector is more suitable for you?

Are you still worrying about not finding a suitable mattress protector supplier?

Hurry up and follow our live broadcast,our live broadcast at 1:30 Beijing time  on November 11 ,Here you can find the answer.

You can set an alarm clock to watch our live broadcast on time. It doesn’t matter if you miss it. You can click on the link to watch the replay. If you have any questions, you can contact us. We are glad to answer your questions.

We are a Chinese textile factory,a premium manufacturer of waterproof fabric, mattress protector products developed through extensive research and production experience,more than 12 years of export experience make us familiar with every market.

Through the live broadcast, you can learn about different products, such as terry  mattress encasement, bamboo jacquard mattress protector, quilted mattress protector and the differences among them.

Click here to enter the live broadcast room.

Pay attention to our live broadcast room, next week we will bring you the difference between cotton jersey fabric and Tencel jersey fabric.



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